Equipment Repair/Service

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We take pride in keeping your equipment in top shape. We service Diverite, Oceanic, Hollis, Aeris, Apeks and many other brands of regulators and life support equipment.  Brands that we don't stock parts or technicians for, we have a partner facility that can service all equipment as long as we can still get factory parts for the make and model. Any type and brand of cylinders can be visually inspected on-site, while hydrostatic inspections are done at another partner facility in town. We are happy to rent you a replacement set of equipment during the repair free of charge.  Service price and time to completion estimates depend on the time of year, brand and equipment conditions so contact us for your quote.


Category Service Labor Rate Parts Rate
Regulator Annual Service per stage $25 varies
Regulator Assemble and tuning per stage $10 none
BCD Inflator Annual Service $15 varies
Wetsuits Repair or attachment of pockets, etc varies varies
Cylinders Hydrostatic Test + Visual Inspection + Fill $40 none
Cylinders Visual Inspection $15 none
other We are capable and equiped to to service most dive industry equipment. Please ask for details varies varies